Additional Services

Buyippee understands our customers concerns while shopping online. They are concerned about potential lost of their items during shipping, damaged items, and incorrect item delivered by the seller (such as colour or size). Buyippee offers extra warranty protection for our customers to ease their mind while shopping online. Shop confidently, and purchase Buyippee's extra warranty protection today!
Without Warranty Basic Warranty Service (20 HKD per order) Premium Warranty Service (50 HKD per order)
Lost Package
(50% of the product price)
✔(Max$800) ✔(Max$10,000) ✔(Max$10,000)
Order damaged
Order incorrect(such as colour / size)
Arrange full refund

Warranty Terms and Conditions: (Effective from 23/03/2020)

  1. If your order is lost in transit, but have not been delivered to our oversea office, the buyer will need to directly contact the seller to arrange for a re-shipment of their order. Buyippee will not be responsible if the buyers order has not been delivered to our oversea office.
  2. The buyer will need to provide Buyippee a purchase invoice to verify their order
  3. Buyippee will only return damaged goods or if the seller delivered the incorrect item. However, if the buyer bought the wrong colour, size, or other reason, Buyippee's extra warranty protection is not applied.
  4. In order to return a order back to the seller, the buyer must return their order back to the Buyippee Kwun Tong office within 5 working days after Buyippee sends a delivery confirmation to the buyer. The reason is because some sellers will have different return policies. For example, some sellers will only have a 7 day return policy after delivery to Buyippee. Therefore, it is highly suggested that the buyer should pickup their delivered order as soon as possible (within 5 working days of delivery confirmation). Then the buyer can inspect and confirm if their order is correct or if it is damaged/seller sent the incorrect item. Buyippee also suggests buyers to check the sellers return policy before ordering.
  5. Buyer will need to directly obtain a return label from the seller themselves. The buyer will need to provide the return label (Included the domestic delivery fee) to Buyippee before Buyippee assists the buyer to return their order back to the seller.
  6. Premium Warranty Service offers free return to our overseas offices only. Customer is required to pay for the domestic delivery fee, import tax and or other fee occurs. Buyippee return policy does not include, "exchange of orders." If the buyer wishes to exchange their order, they will need to place a new order with the seller.
  7. Buyippee is not responsible for the return of perishable and liquid items.
  8. Under warranty protection program, 50% of the product price can be claimed for lost and the maximum claimed amount is HK$10,000 per order. If the buyer did not purchase any warranty from Buyippee extra warranty protection program, Buyippee would compensate 50% of the product price and the maximum compensation amount is HK$800 for the lost per order.
  9. If product damaged when transiting to Hong Kong, we would assist to raise claim to the courier company under premium warranty service. Please note that the local shipping fee, international shipping fee and handling charge are not included under this warranty service.
  10. If the buyer did not purchase any warranty from Buyippee extra warranty protection program, the buyer will be responsible to pay for their own shipping and handling if they require Buyippee to file a return.
  11. Premium Warranty Service is only available for new products. Fragile item is not included in this warranty.
  12. After the buyer purchased warranty for their order (either Basic or Premium), the buyer is not allowed to cancel or change.